Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Power of Prioritizing In The Music Business

How do you absolutely 100% guarantee that you will waste your own time? You can be absolutely sure that you'll waste your time if you make detailed prioritized plans and you do the least important tasks on your plan first.

What does this mean to you? It simply means "do first things, first". No more. No less.

When you do first things first, you have done the most important and vital tasks first and you save the optional tasks for last. You might not even get to something thats optional but your most important and vital tasks should take precedent over everything else.

How do I know this and how does this relate to the music industry?

This is how I set up planning my tasks: I list everything that I need to do for the day. I then go down the list and mark each daily task either (A) Urgent, (B) Important, (C) Optional. The priority of these tasks may change from day-to-day.

I try to focus on doing 'A' tasks first. This includes most of family obligations, blogging, sending out email to my opt-in list, writing articles, budgeting, etc.

'B' tasks include things like making beats, finishing my new ebook, recording a new podcast, and creating a Facebook page.

'C' tasks include reinstalling Windows XP on my desktop computer, putting a video on my About Me page, changing where I put Google Ads on my website, www.RapBeatCreator.com, etc.

The problems comes (as I've learned the HARD way) when you spend time and energy on completing 'C' level tasks instead of 'A' & 'B' level tasks.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I went to reinstall Windows XP which is a 'C' level task as I've indicated above and not only did I forget to back up my computer (consequence #1) but my hard drive had some corrupt sectors on it and I ended up having almost a WEEK of downtime.

My computer started freezing up and I had to format my hard drive at least twice. I got nothing done for a week and I'm the type of person who likes to stay busy with meaningful work. To add insult to injury the Windows XP CD-ROM exploded in my disc drive in to a thousand little pieces!!! At this point, all this installation business was way beyond frustrating.

To make a long story short, I had to reinstall Windows 98 as my operating system and it is not half as functional as Windows XP. There are alot of features that I've come to rely on to help me run my household as well as my business. Now I have to buy a new Windows XP disc & another hard drive when my computer was working perfectly fine before I did all this upgrading.

The lesson to be learned is do the most urgent & important things first and don't get bogged down by doing tasks that are at best optional.

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist


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