Sunday, February 22, 2009

In A Perfect World

You know, I'm really a big supporter of do-it-yourself marketing and promotions. I started using Guerilla Music Marketing Tactics back in 1996. I had no idea of what I was doing and what kind of impact it would have on my business and career. Those were the early days of Asylum Entertainment and we knew we need exposure...we just didn't have any money. We would chip in and pay for a set of flyers and post them around Atlanta hoping for someone to recognize us and give us our dream record deal.

Well, we did get an EP deal that gave us some exposure but being so young we didn't really capitalize on it like we should've. I really didn't know what real marketing was until I tried and failed at a home inspection business I'd started.

I thought I could get by doing "one shot" marketing where I just simply put some flyers out one time and waited for the calls to rolling in by the hundreds. Well...I was WRONG. What I didn't understand fully was "repeat" marketing. "Repeat" marketing is all about frequency. I had been promoting parties and events for a few years before I tried the "one shot" marketing approach.

After I fell flat on my face, I began to learn marketing from a real estate guru named Ron Legrand. He taught me the psychology of marketing and how to use it effectively to capture leads and eventually make a profit. I learned that it takes at least 7 times for people to really notice your marketing message...and even after those 7 there is no guarantee they will buy.

But the frequency of your marketing message is very important. When I was doing street promotions, we would market to the same spots every week for as long as the funding allowed. Over time people would recognize the flyer or the event itself and then word-of-mouth advertising would take over.

For example, we were a key part of The Kings of Comedy Tour featuring Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric The Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley. Using repeat marketing, we hit the most popular clubs that our target market patronized, beauty salons, record stores, etc. We did this for almost a month before the actual tour arrived to generate awareness for the event.

The overall result: The Kings of Comedy Tour was the highest grossing comedy tour ever and the highest grossing concert tour for that year. That's not too shabby at all...

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