Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Stop Rappin'" Campaign Sheds Light On Rappers With Questionable Talent

Whassup Peeps?

This post may come off biased but since I'm not a journalist by trade and I own this blog, I will admit that it probably is because this is in relation to my long time friend and partner-in-rhyme Eddie Meeks. He has started the "Stop Rappin" campaign and a community at Facebook to address rappers or "rappuhs" (as he calls them) and their questionable talent and some of the antics they find themselves involved in. 

For example, Lil Wayne is on top of the world right now. In my opinion, he'll definitely go down as one of the greats but he recently got dropped from Pepsi for mentioning Emmett Till in one of his songs....and it was not in an uplifting way. Emmett was killed in a senseless hate crime that left his body mangled and mutilated. His family is outraged by the insensitivity of Wayne's lyrics. 

He also goes in on rappuhs like Trinidad James and his "talent". Personally, I don't even listen to the radio or watch TV anymore because I just don't desire this stuff in my brainwaves. 

Here is what one of the supporters, Fathom 9, posted about the "Stop Rappin" Campaign: 

  • We take it back.
  • We stamp out mediocrity from its nest!
  • We do not, nor will we EVER encourage the celebration of deliberate WAC shyt!
  • While we acknowledge that we each have our lane, this world WILL know Balance once more.
  • Step forward, All Artists who seek balance restored, for an army shall be raised, and we will remind them...All of them, that Giants Still Walk The Earth.

Step forward, and shine your Light upon this desolation.

Fathom 9 (Brotherhood of Doom)

Click the link below to check out the Facebook "Stop Rappin" Page:

"Stop Rappin"

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

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