Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sometimes the lesson to be learned is "Don't ever do this again!!!"

I told you all previously about the challenges I was having with my home computer that I shouldn't have had because...well...let's just say I should've known better.

Finally, after much do-it-yourself, trial and error work, I'm proud to say my computer is now stable and I can make more beats.

I can say however, that I actually learned something so my downtime was not a waste....a headache, but not a waste. This downtime started over something that only costs $5.95! Yup, you read that right. $5.95!

Turns out, the only thing I needed was a battery but I before I figured that out I'd already spent $135.00!!! Well, I'm glad to say that the money my parents spent to send me to Southern Tech was not all wasted

...And I think I've fixed the problem that causes the computer to freeze up.

With that being said...I'm back!!!! Holla...

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist


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