Monday, August 9, 2010

Brand Management: Do You Know How To Build Your Brand?

I just got done watching Life After... on TVOne. The featured celebrity was Karrine Steffans aka Superhead. Now before y'all get all krazy on me and start cussin' me out, I want you to look at her in a different light.

Don't look at her as a slut who has been in different kinds of music videos and sexed many different men. True, she has done those things but what she did was flip it to her advantage. She has taken the Superhead and Video Vixen brand to different heights. No matter what the world thinks, she is a hustler and she knows how to build and expand her brand.

I knew some things about Karrine from glancing through her book but until tonight, I never looked at her from a brand standpoint. I mean like a Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Papa John's type of brand. When you think Video Vixen, you think of her. And although her exploits in the Hiphop world gave her the name Superhead, she took that and made it a household name.

She's been on Oprah and when you hit Ms. Winfrey's set, you have got the world on lock. I recently saw her as a guest on Donald Trump's show, "The Ultimate Merger" which featured Omarosa. I may not agree with how she rose to the spotlight but I gotta respect her hustle.

How are you managing your brand? Are you looking at YOURSELF as a business or are you just an act? When people say your name, what image is presented in their minds? That is brand management.

When you hear Jay Z what do you think? I'm sure more than just an emcee comes to your mind but a shrewd business man as well. What about Queen Latifah? Master P? 50 Cent? Diddy?

These are artists who have taken their talents way past "rappin". They have built their brands and when you hear their name you automatically know what you're going to get.

If you are emcee Joe Smoe, will you come out with the Smoe Joe sneakers or the J.S. (Joe Smoe) line of cologne?

You have to think further than making records if you want to have brand longevity. So once again what are you doing to build and manage your brand?

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