Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Do Music Producers Sell Their Beats

A common question new music producers ask is where do music producers sell their beats? It is great to have fire hot beats but if you do not know where and how to sell beats then how will you make any money? Making money is the name of the game right?

The best answer to where do music producers sell their beats is to sell your music on your website. This method as well as any other will require planning. With this method you are responsible to building your site, finding buyers, and ultimately setting up a way to process payments when you do make sales.

This will take longer than any other method but you will have greater control over your beat sales. You can also build a list of prospects using this method. This way you can continue to market to the people who have already visited your site.

If you do not know how to build a website, you can either hire a web designer or purchase a template.

Another place where music producers sell their beats is on 3rd party sites. Third party sites will host your beats and some of them will even complete the sales transaction with your buyers. Some of them will allow you to customize your assigned page. To do this you will need to know some programming language or pay someone to customize it for you.

One good thing about 3rd party sites is they are generally easy to set up. Some of them you can upload your songs in their specified format, add a picture, some bio information and your done.

You should always check the rules and regulations of the 3rd party site as well. You do not want to have all of songs uploaded and your business running well only to later find out you have violated some rule that you overlooked.

This brings us to the next point about 3rd party sites. They are in control of your business to a degree. This means if any thing happens to their site, then ultimately you lose. Their server could crash, it could be infected with a virus, it could get hacked, etc. You and your beats are at the mercy of the 3rd party site.

Even with these seeming negatives you can still make lots of money with 3rd party sites. It all depends on how much control you are willing to give up.

One last and very traditional way to sell your beats is to use the old music business system and send out beat demos. These can be in the form or CD or mp3 but they still work. Sometimes people like to get a package in their hand instead of hearing beats online.

Either way, you must take action. You can use one of these methods or all of them together. If you are serious about selling music as a business you will find that you will get the best results using all three of these methods.

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist


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