Monday, April 18, 2011

How to Resurrect Your Music Career and Come Back Better Than Before!

Whassup Peeps?

There are a lot of people in the music business. Some music artists become wildly successful and have a career that supports them all their lives. Others are barely even noticed and they never make a dime.

Then there are some in the middle who become successful to a degree and all of a sudden, they seem to vanish into thin air. You don’t hear from them in years and all of a sudden, BOOM! They come back on the scene and shoot straight to the top again.

Is there a technique for doing this or is it just a random occurrence of luck…or both?

One thing these types of comeback artist have that allows them to comeback is previous success or track record. It’s easier to build on your successes that people remember such a having one or more hit songs. Having a hit song that is familiar to your audience makes it easier to connect with them.

Some good examples of artists who made a great comeback are El Debarge, Twista, and Maxwell.

All three of them were very successful at the very beginning of their careers then they faded away and people always wondered what happened to them. We enjoyed their legendary music even when they were not actively releasing new music.

Some, like El Debarge, were extremely successful in the 80’s. Then, there was nothing. He resurfaced a couple of years ago on an awards show singing one of his hits. He was well received and as of this writing has a radio hit song, “Lay With You”, with another artist called Faith (who had also been out of the spotlight for a while). This song is bangin’.

In the Hip Hop world, one of the greatest comebacks in my opinion was Twista. Twista is a Guinness World Record holder for fastest rapper. He had several hits early in his career and then for a while he was not putting out hits. Then all of a sudden, he teams up with Kanye West and Jamie Foxx for “Slow Jamz” and creates an ultra hit record. It was almost like he never missed a step.

Even a Grammy Award Winning artist like Maxwell had an insanely successful comeback. After his first few albums he was rarely heard from for a few years. People were wishing he would come out with more music. Out of nowhere he comes out with a wildly successful album, “BLACKsummers’ night”, that earns him another Grammy!

One thing that makes all of these artists successful is their passion for the music. When they comeback, they put out great music. I think their love for music is what drives them to be successful again. They already have a good core fan base that would support them anyway but they make the music so good that they end up with lots of new fans as well.

In addition to making good music, they have a good music business team around them. This is not to be forgotten. At the end of the day the music business is still a business and its better to take a shot on a proven winner than to create something entirely from scratch.

That is not to say something brand new will not work for surely that is not the case. But an artist that has a great following can come back over and over again and you can take that to the bank.

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