Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soulja Boy To Do A Remake Of "Juice" A Play Tupac's Character Bishop

Hey here's more unoriginality making its way around the music business. I was just talking about Kanye West biting Micheal Jackson's idea for using a crane for the "This Is It" tour. Now we have Soulja Boy doing a remake of the movie "Juice". And on top of that he is going to play Tupac's character, Bishop.


...I guess its like how the Hollywood studios are remaking old movies like "Tron" and "Yogi Bear"...I guess.

Well I'm sure Soulja Boy is going to have fun making the mini-movie. The idea came from a mixtape that he was inspired to call "Juice" after he watched the movie. He's even going to release some music videos to support the movie.

Even though I think the original shouldn't be tampered with I'm interested to see how ol' Soulja is gonna pull this off. Will the people of my generation (The Golden Age of Hiphop) support this movie or will is just be a Soulja's current fan base?

I'm willing to put my money on his current fan base simply because most people from my generation ain't really rollin' with dude like that. But to his credit, dude is a great marketer and he knows how to give his fans what they want.

At the end of the day, he'll be successful because of going back to the people who are already supporting him. To try to reach a totally new market would be foolish and a suicidal business move.

Well I wish him luck and I'm interested to find out how it's all gonna turn out for him.

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