Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Alternative to www.JeeJuh.com

I’ve been following the guys at www.JeeJuh.com for a few years. They are definitely some real power players in the beat making game. I remember them initially from Soundclick and they grew to have their own site where they could have more control of how their beats were presented.

When you first enter www.JeeJuh.com you are not bombarded with advertisements. The music player is easily accessible and there are clear instructions on how to buy beats. You can listen to as many beats as you want and the beats are made by 3 different producers who cover a variety of genres.

I do like how JeeJuh.com has customized their music player so people can vote on their beats. They also have different prices for different formats such as .mp3, .wav, and fully tracked out versions. Many beat websites will not offer the tracked out version of their beats or the .wav format.

The check out process at www.JeeJuh.com was very simple and easy to use. They use Paypal to process their transactions so it is a site that can be trusted. They have special deals for customers who buy in bulk and sometimes they offer giveaways.

There are video testimonials on the site and they do have an opt-in subscriber box for people who want to be notified when new beats have been uploaded.

If you would like to by an exclusive beat there is a direct link in the toolbar at the top as well as a link to their FAQs, Forum, Blog, and their Featured Artists. There are also several places on JeeJuh.com were you can “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. What was really cool was they were giving away a nice industry quality microphone on the site and while I was writing this review, they announced the winner and it was updated on their site via Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, the beats were good and the site was very user-friendly. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to buy beats online.

As an alternative I would also recommend Beats4ADub.com for artists who want to get the real ins and outs of the music business from someone who is not just selling beats but who has released albums and shared the stage with legendary artists like The Roots, KRS-ONE, and Talib Kweli. Anyone can sell you beats but not everyone can teach you the music business.

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Janey said...

I love trying out new sites when it comes to finding hiphop beats for sale. I've been playing around with them ever since I learned you could buy beats. Guess that's the drummer coming out in me ;) What's the best way to narrow down a search for certain beats?