Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Personal Producer Beat Site Review

As I’m continuing my beat site reviews, I’ve come across Although the design is not as advanced as some of the other top ranking beat sites, the simplicity does have its advantages. I like the fact there is an opt-in subscription box that you don’t have to search the whole website to look for. So if I wanted to get informed of new beats, I can be sent an email.

I also noticed the site is using Google Adsense to monetize the site. While this is okay, I wonder if it takes away from the real purpose of the site. Once you click on those Google Ads, they take you away from the site which is not a plus unless your goal is to get more money from Adsense than selling beats.

While does use samples in their beats (which are creatively used), most of the beats have the same feel and almost the same BPM (Beats Per Minutes). As an emcee myself, I like to write to different types of beats and I rhyme at different speeds.

Checkout seems to be fairly simple and you do not need a membership to buy beats. This is good because some people just want to get their beats and get to work without the hassle of filling out a subscription form just to buy a beat.

As an alternative to, you should definitely check out, for the latest beats and instrumentals.

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

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