Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 Things You Need To Create Rap Beats

With today's technology, creating rap beats is not nearly as difficult as it used to be but the top 3 steps remain the same. These are the things you absolutely must have to even create your first beat:

  • The Will
  • The Way
  • The Movement
Let's start with The Will. It all starts here. You've got to do more than just want to be a producer. You have to have the willpower to figure out what it takes then do what it takes to be successful. And let's stop and define success real quick: Success is the progression of a worthy goal. This means success is not obtaining the goal but the journey you go through to obtain it.

This is where your will comes into play. Without the willpower to learn what it takes to become a producer and complete all the steps involve guess what? You won't be very successful. You must have the drive to see it through to the end. You can't be easily deterred by every little bump in the road that comes along...and surely they will come.

You must have The Will to keep going.

The second the you must have is The Way. The Way is your vehicle to create rap beats. It is your equipment. I once had alot of will but I didn't have the way to produce anything! But using your will correctly will lead to you doing the research to getting equipment so that you can make beats.

A good way to find out about the different equipment that you will need is to do research in music stores, read magazines like Scratch where producers list the equipment they use, read forums or online blogs. Or if you know any producers, just ask them what kind of equipment to use.

There are many different items to choose from. Some of the most popular tools include the MPC series of stand alone production tools, and computer software such as Reasons & Fruity Loops. Then there are other pieces of equipment like keyboards, microphones, mixer, track machines, etc. You have to decide what's right for you and your budget. For me, I use Reasons 3.0 software and an EMU X-board midi controller because they fit my budget and they make great industry quality sounds.

This is The Way to create rap beats.

Last and certainly by any means not the least is The Movement. This may be more important than the other 2 steps. Nothing happens without action. Nothing! You can have all the willpower in the world but if you're just sitting on the fence waiting for the perfect time then its not going to happen. You've got to get moving. You've got to do your homework by pricing the equipment, setting a date to get it, doing what it takes to get it, and actually using it to become better at your craft.

Talk is cheap! Its the people that act on their desires that achieve their goals...not the people who simply talk about them. Again, nothing replaces action. Nothing.

We see all the top producers in the rap industry and guess what? They are busy working on more and more beats. What's the difference between you and them? I mean we all get the same 24 hours in a day and breathe the same air. The difference is how we spend that 24 hours that we are each given. Why not spend that time making beats?

And as you're making beats you are steadily building up your catalog of songs. YOUR catalog could be worth lots of money one day. Don't sleep...

You gotta have Movement.

Let's Make It Happen!!!
Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

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