Sunday, May 11, 2008

To Create Rap Beats You Need Plenty of This...

As a new producer, creating rap beats require a great deal of creativity. Alot of people get into the game thinking that just because some other well-known producer made a crappy beat that lacked creativity, they can compete. Well, that's only a half-truth. Remember, sometimes its the lyrics that drive the song...not just the beat.

For example, the 'whisper' song the Yin-Yang Twins did a few years ago called "Wait" was creative in the lyrics but the beat was ummm... just basic to say the least. And no discredit to Mr. Collipark aka DJ Smurf either. He's been dope for a long time...on the mic, the turntables, the production boards, and in the boardroom. Sometimes basic works best though...especially for that particular song.

But sometimes platinum-selling producers don't get creative. They're at a level where they just get money...but that's another story for a different day...

So how do you get creativity? How do you get inspired? And on top of that, how do you capture that inspiration the moment you get it so you don't lose it?

Well, sometimes I get inspired by listening to other Rap and R&B songs. There is nothing like checking out your favorite producer and attempting to duplicate his/her drum patterns, piano riffs, etc. Other times I'm inspired by just being quiet for a while. I mean no radio, no TV, no anybody! You won't believe what can come through to your mind if you just shut up and be quiet.

Other times creativity will come to me just experimenting with different sounds. I use Reasons 3.0 and it comes standard with plenty of sounds. It's been more than enough for my production needs...and no, I don't receive a penny from the makers of Reasons for making that statement. I can find a sound that I like and build a beat around it.

Now, I know I mentioned being quiet earlier but sometimes you can get inspired by a radio commercial, a TV program, something somebody said on the bus, or even a comedian's joke.

There is no limit to where you can get creativity from. Sometimes just being different from everybody else is considered creative. It's really up to you....

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

P.S. You can get a ton of creative ideas and examples by clicking here!

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