Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jon Jeff.: Top 5 Producers

Wow! I came across this blog like I always looking for new info for you. Jon Jeff does a great job at analyzing the producers however I beg to differ when he places Kayne West as his #1 producer before Quincy Jones!

Jon stated that his Top 3 were interchangable but in MY opinion Kanye ain't even halfway close to Quincy Jones. Period! Point Blank!

He listed Timbaland as #5 based on his last 2 works with Justin Timberlake and his own solo project but I seriously disagree with Jon. Timbaland has been makin' hits since Jodeci and he is very consistent. Jon didn't like some of Tim's sounds but that's what makes him dope to me.

Just Blaze is listed as #4 and he's is truly underrated. Jon again mention's Just Blazes most recent projects and alot of those involved Jay-Z but one of my fav's by Blaze is "Breathe" by Fabolous. The track is SICK!!!

?uestlove took the #3 spot and I can see that. ?uestlove is dope with live instruments and he packs the house with The Roots. He's also very cool down to earth brother. I met him in Portland and he was very humble then after he got on stage he transformed to a deity fa sho.

#2: Quincy Jones??? As I posted on Jon's blog, he ain't even in the same category with the rest of the producers. He's in a class by himself. And anybody who can conduct an orchestra makes anybody that's sampling seem like a kid.

And the #1 spot goes to....Kanye West. My only surprise to this is that he's placed above Quincy Jones. We all have different taste.... Kanye is dope. He has a love/hate relationship with most people as an artist but even those folks that hate his mic skills can't front on his beats at all!!!

To read Jon's full critique click the link below.
Jon Jeff.: Top 5 Producers

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