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How to Sell Beats Online Using a Flash Player

One of the main factors to consider when you begin to sell beats online is how are you actually going to sell the beats and deliver them to your buyer. Yes, there are many websites that offer to play your music and there are also sites that sell your music as well. Most of the time, these sites will ask for a fee to sell your music for you.

There are also programs called Flash players that you can purchase and install on your own website and other websites around the Internet. Some of these Flash players require you to know some programming and some basic knowledge of the HTML programming language may be required.

In my own search to find a good Flash player for my website, I discovered several features I wanted a player to have before I invested my time and money into one.

The first feature I wanted was a way for my website visitors to listen to music. This way, potential buyers could sample the music before they actually bought it. This is the primary purpose of any Flash player.

The second feature a good Flash player should have if you want to sell beats online is a way to process payments. The best way is to process sales directly from the Flash player and not through a third party site. Some players process your payments and send you your money directly through Paypal without going through a third party site.

After the payment is processed, the Flash player then sends the purchased beats to their email address for easy downloading. This saves you time and automates the whole selling process freeing up your time to make more beats.

These are the main features you need to sell beats online with a Flash player. Some other features that I’ve seen include the ability to add discounts to your beats. For instance if you were running a “Buy One, Get One Free” special, the player would actually apply the discount for your customer without you doing any extra work and negotiations. Once again this save you time to make beats.

Another feature I’ve seen on some Flash players is the ability to tag your beats so people do not steal them. When a beat is tagged, there is a distinctive voice or sound that plays along with the track making the beat difficult to steal or copy. You can simply record a vocal tag, upload it to the player and the player does the rest.

Some Flash players are offered in several different player skins that you can customize for your website. Player skins are basically creative designs for your players. There are some player skins that offer step-by-step instructions for your buyers already built into the player skin so you do not have to try to figure out how to get your buyer to take the necessary steps to make a sale.

When you find a Flash player to install on your site, one extra feature you may look for is an online user forum provided by the company where you purchased it. You can network in these online forums and you can get answers to questions you may have in order to make the player work like you expect it to do.

Another extra perk you should be on the look out for is some sort of training to guide you to success. A good Flash player provider has training to help you get the most out of their product. This training will help you to market and sell your beats online and ultimately make you money.

While there are some free players out there in the market, there are also others you must pay for. The payment can be one lump sum or it could be a monthly fee. You should weigh your options between players and find the best one you can afford to get the job done right.

Remember, you want to put selling your beats on autopilot and a great player will help you do this.

One last bonus feature some Flash players offer is an affiliate program where you can also make money referring their player to other people.

If the person you referred signs up with the Flash player because of your special referral link, you get paid a commission.

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