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How to Overcome Obstacles on Your Path to Music Business Success

We have all heard about how artists have become a music business success story through hard work and persistence. Recently on a VH1 “Behind The Music” special I learned the story of Hiphop’s “Pitbull in a skirt”, EVE. The documentary was great as you learn of her many trials and triumphs in the music business.

EVE has gone from being a teenage stripper, to being signed and dropped from Dr. Dre’s record label, Aftermath Records, to being an international entertainment success. None of this happened overnight. Yes, she was in the right place at the right time but there were so many times when she thought about quitting the music business altogether.

Even after she reached the success that most of us dream of achieving she still had all sorts of personal problems ranging from excessive drug and alcohol use to private sex tapes being leaked on the Internet and being blackmailed with photos of her past life as a stripper. Throughout all of these obstacles, she managed to win a Grammy Award and star in her own TV sitcom.

It was a great motivator for anyone who may feel like they want to quit the music business.

So how can you overcome your own obstacles to music business success?

Before we get into detail, let us define what an obstacle is. To put it simple and in my opinion, an obstacle is something you see when you take your mind off your goal. I think that needs to be repeated.

An obstacle is something you see when you take your mind off your goal.

In other words, what are you focusing on? Are you focused on your goal or the thing that is stopping you from reaching your goal? There is a BIG difference.

You can use this 3-step formula to overcome your obstacles to music business success.

1. Identify the obstacles

In order to move past obstacles you must be able to identify what they are. Unless you know what it is that is holding you back, how will you ever be able to overcome it? Once you have identified the obstacle you should change your mind to think of it as a challenge. A challenge gives your mind something to look forward to but stating an obstacle as a problem actually shuts your mind down making it harder to find a solution.

2. Decide you want to overcome the obstacle

Once you have identified the obstacle, you need to decide if it is worth your time to spend time and energy to go ahead and accept the challenge. If is not worth your time, then leave the obstacle alone and think of something else to do.

3. Act on your decision to overcome the obstacle

This final and most crucial step is where most aspiring artists fail because they simply give up before trying. You must act on your decision. Nothing replaces action. Deciding to do something is an event that only happens in your mind. DOING something require movement. Once you get starting acting on an obstacle or challenge, you may find it is not as severe as you originally thought.

Using these steps you can conquer almost any obstacle to your music business success. If you run into an obstacle you do not know how to handle, find a mentor or someone who has been through what you are going through. Once you have successfully dealt with the obstacle, if the same type comes up again, then you will be prepared to handle the challenge with flying colors. Good luck!

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