Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make Beats Online: The Real Key to Today’s Music Business Riches

There are a growing number of producers who have learned to make beats online and sell them online for a profit. Even if you do not actually make beats online, you can still sell them online and make a comfortable living. There are several reasons music producers can make a killing selling beats online. These reasons include:

1. Low overhead
2. Global marketplace
3. 24 hour – 365 day ability to sell beats
4. Other people can sell your beats for you

Let us cover each one of these key factors.

1. Low overhead

Anyone with access to a computer and music equipment can make beats and sell them online. Only a short time ago, in order to make money as a music producer, you had to have expensive equipment dedicated to making music. With the incredible advances technology has made, all anyone needs is a computer with software to make beats, access to the Internet, and the will to succeed. No on has to pay thousands of dollars for music equipment or make demos to be successful.

2. Global marketplace

With the global reach of the Internet and the World Wide Web, you can sell beats to anyone who is interested. If you are a producer in Atlanta, Georgia, you can easily sell beats online to someone in Los Angeles, California, Tokyo, Japan, and London, England all in the same day without leaving your home. There are numerous websites where you can post your beats for sell and make a profit.

3. 24 hour – 365 day ability to sell beats

Again, the Internet is up and running 24 hours a day. It never sleeps and even while YOU sleep, it can and will be still making money. It is like have a salesperson out in the world that makes you money night and day. You can basically set up your music production business to be on automatic pilot so that all you have to do is keep making and uploading beats to sites all over the Web.

4. Other people can sell your beats for you

Yes, you read that correctly. When you harness the power of the Internet, you can have other people selling beats for you online. The people are called affiliates and they bring buyers to you and you sell them beats. They only get paid by performing and you do not have to pay them until you get paid. They get a percentage of what you earn and you get a paying customer. It is a Win-Win situation when done correctly and nobody loses.

Are you a music producer who is having trouble selling beats the traditional way of making demos, submitting them to as many artists as you can and waiting to get results? That way of making music is D-E-A-D. The whole music industry is changing because of technology and those who are not embracing the technology and it’s power will be left behind.

I am familiar with some producers who earn well over $100,000 making their beats available online and selling them to aspiring artists. There is a huge market for beats online because there are more aspiring music artists than there are music producers.

This is called the law of supply and demand. The demand is high for beats in today’s music industry. More and more artists are getting discovered online. Everyone is ready to become the “next big thing”.

Are you going to capitalize on this trend or are you going to watch other producers get paid and wonder how they did it. In a few years these music producers will be filthy rich and people will still wonder how they got that way.

Get started making your beats available online today if you have not already done so. Also you should take a course on Internet marketing to be really successful. The investment you make in yourself will far out weigh the cost of getting a good education on learning how to sell.

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