Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How To Sell Beats

So you’re a music producer with a catalog full of beats. You know your beats are fire hot and you believe you can make some money off them. You can create beats in no time but one thing you don’t know is how to sell beats. You’ve made beats CDs and sent them out to labels and artists but you never got anything going consistently. How to sell beats is the burning question in your mind.

First of all, you need to begin to look at beat selling from a different point of view. You should look at selling beats as a business and not just something to do every now and then.

The foundation of any business success is to get education about the business. It doesn’t matter what business it is. Learning about the business of beat selling should be you first step. There are several courses on the Internet that teach you how to sell beats. They come in different formats such as ebooks and/or videos. I think videos are the best because you can actually see what to do instead of just reading about it.

Once you’ve got the knowledge of how to sell beats, your next question should naturally be “where do music producers sell their beats?”

The Internet is a global marketplace and your beat buyer could come from anywhere. You’re job is to make it easy for them to find you. There are free sites like MySpace and Soundclick that allow you to upload beats and sell.

You can also buy a domain name, get a web host and sell your beats on your own website. Selling from your own website gives you more control of how to sell your beats. It will cost money but if you learn how to market your beats you should make lots more money than you’re spending each month on hosting and advertising. A combination of selling on your own site as well as free sites is the best strategy.

Either way you choose to sell your beats, you’ll need a Paypal account or some way to process the payments. Paypal is free to join and the transaction fees they charge are tiny in comparison to the money you could potentially make.

Once you’ve got your websites set up and your Paypal account then its time you use what you learned about marketing your beats and start driving traffic to your sites. If people don’t know you have beats for sale then you won’t make much money. The key is to keep your website in front of potential beat buyers.

To get more information on how to sell beats, check out www.HowToSellBeats.info.

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