Monday, July 19, 2010

Sell Your Music on Your Website

The best way to sell beats is to sell your music on your website. While there are many sites on the web where you can sell beats, having your own site is the absolute best way to make money. The fact is that having your own domain name and your own web hosting give you more control over the profit you make.

The advantages of selling your music on your website are:

You don’t have to split your profit with someone else because they host your site. Most of the time on websites that allow you to post your beats for sale, you have to give them a percentage of your profits. Or you have to charge your beat buyers an extra service fee to cover the cost of selling your beats on someone else’s site.

Some buyers don’t mind paying extra for the service fees but if you can cut them out, then your profit will increase. Also your buyers won’t be as hesitant to buy from you.

Another advantage when you sell your music on your website is that you can control when your beats are displayed for sale. If the 3rd party site goes down, then you can’t sell beats therefore you can’t make money. Any site can crash because it main servers go down but you can recover quicker if its your own site by contacting your web host directly. With 3rd party sites you have very little control if the site comes down or goes out of business.

You can control how many songs you upload by having your own sites. Some 3rd party sites make you pay a monthly membership fee to post more beats on their sites for sale. By the time you’ve finished paying money out to these 3rd party sites, you could’ve found a webhost, learned how to build your own site and then upload as many songs as you would like on your site.

Some of the disadvantages so selling your music on your website are:

You have to spend money to host your website. After you picked out your domain and called it “”, then you must have some form of hosting so that people can find your music on the web. This does cost money but you should be making more money eventually than the money you have to pay out to your web host. You can get a web host for less than $20 per month. You should be able to make more than $240 per year with your site if you learn how to market and sell beats.

You have to both build your own site and maintain it versus selling on another site where someone else maintains the site and has built it already.

You should really look at all the pros and cons. Whether you sell your music on your website or use a 3rd party site, you should ultimately figure out what is in your best interest and what is in your business interest.

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