Friday, June 27, 2008

BET Awards: The Best One Yet?

Whassup folks,

Did you happen to catch the BET Awards a few nights ago? Some people are saying this is the best one yet. I would have to agree with those critics. I watch the BET Awards on Tuesday night and I really enjoyed it. If you didn't watch it, you missed a treat. Everybody did a pretty good job and there were even some GREAT performances that night.

Let's get started from the beginning. D.L. Hughley was the host and he was nuts. I would've liked for him to tell more jokes but the show wasn't about him. His opening monologue was great. He ain't as busy as Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer but he is still a King of Comedy.

The opening act was Usher performing "Love In The Club". Although it wasn't one of his best performances, he gets major props on dancing on 2 moving conveyor belts going in the opposite direction. That took a lot of skill. Alot of lip syncing but that's to be expected when a person has that much dancing talent. A-Town represent!!!

Young Jeezy's set was okay but his mic sounded horrible. I thought that was unacceptable for BET because they got long money and that should have been fixed. Also, there is a slight possibility that Jeezy didn't do a sound check but I seriously doubt that was the problem. He brought out the beat creator himself, Kanye West to close out his set and his mic was horrible too. Thumbs down to BET again for the lousy engineering during this set.

Next was Keyshia Cole. Although I think she is sexy as hell and can blow with the best of them, that didn't stop her performance from being garbage. She came down from a pedestal which had been done so many times before but what really hurt her was not having any background singers. She's too dope to miss that and I don't know if it was her decision or not but her opening song was wack as hell. Then she went into her second song which was last summer's banger "Let It Go" that featured Missy Elliot & Lil Kim. Keyshia ripped off her dress and oh my God! That's one fine sista. She was rockin' some long white boots that took my mind off the horrible opening song. Lil Kim was okay and Missy wasn't there at all but I'm still a fan...

Oh yeah. Her mom and her sister were wildin' out at the pre-show. Also, during one of the introductions of the award presenters later in the actual show, Keyshia's sister's boobs almost fell out of her dress. I'm sure men who like stacked women (me included) were just wait for them to pop out but it never happened...

I can't remember if Ne-yo went next but his show was dope. His choreographer went nuts and the whole dance team looked solid. He was probably my runner up for one of the best acts of the night. The brother's singing was pretty good even though he was dancing which was a downside to Usher's show: singing and dancing at the same time.

Also in the running for "Best Performance" was Ms. Alicia Keys. She can rock the house by herself but this time she brought along some guest from the 90's: SWV, En Vogue (all four of the original divas), and TLC (R.I.P. Left Eye). Me and my wife were out of our seats because it was basically an old skool concert for us. And since we both from "The A", when everybody on stage started doing the Bankhead Bounce, we went bannanas and started doing it too. What a treat!!!
Now we all know Chris Brown can dance, right? He's been dope since "Run It" and this time he had Ciera with him. They did an awesome routine where she fell down backwards and he caught her with the heel of his foot, kicked her back up and kept on rockin'. Hot!! Very Hot!!!

One of the wildest performances of the night was my homie T-Pain. If nothing else, he gets props for his outfit. My wife said it was teardrops and I said it was paisley but aren't paisley prints shaped like teardrops? Anyway...T-Pain did his thing and his acceptance speech for "Best Collaboration" with Kanye West was too funny.

Back to his show... Pain did "Ringleader" then he brought out Flo Rida who rocked "Lo". Flo dropped a verse then out came Rick Ross to perform his current hit which also features T-Pain. Then came my joint - "I'm So Hood" by DJ Khaleed - the remix version featuring ATL's own Big Boi from Outkast and Ludacris. It was cool because I've met both of them on several occasions and Luda was the first commercial radio DJ to play my vinyl on the air back in the day. Good to see them both makin' moves. T-Pain's set gets props all the way around.

Rihanna's set was cool. What was dope about her set was that you could look around in the audience and see people in the crowd singing with her on "Take a Bow". She only did that one song and I really wasn't that familiar with it but she did pretty good.

At this point the show went into overdrive. After D.L. Hughley introduced Marvin Sapp as Warren Sapp, Marvin tore it down with "Never Should Have Made It". It was good to hear because he changed the energy of the show. And the song is dedicated to his late father so that made it even better when he won the award for "Best Gospel Artist". At the end of Sapp's set, Hughley appologized for calling him Warren which showed alot of character for Hughley.

Sapp's set was great segway into the "Lifetime Achievement Award" presentation by Queen Latifah for Al Green. This was probably the best part of the show. After a video presentation about Al Green career, Jill Scott came out and started singing an Al Green classic. She was followed by Anthony Hamilton who sounded damn near like Al Green. The Mr. Missing In Action himself, Maxwell, came out and closed up that part of the set.

Then Mr. Green got up, accepted his award, then tore the stage down! I mean everybody was up out of their chair dancing & singing along. It was good to see Al turn it out in front of so many young heads. He had so much energy and stage presence. His career of 30 years is truly a lifetime achievement and most artist including myself dream of having careers that long. Thanks Al for all the good music you have put out over the years.
Next was Nelly who came out and rocked with Jermaine Dupri and then Fergie. His set was good but its hard to follow Al Green!!! Nice try Nelly but you still get mad props because the girls in T-Pain's set all had Apple Bottom Jeans on...even the ones on stilts.

To close out, Lil Wayne, who won the "Viewer's Choice", rocked with T-Pain so joint from his new album. It wasn't his hottest joint ever but the crowd was amped and rightfully so. Wayne is the man right now especially with over 1 million 1st week record sales. Nobody's done that since 50 Cent. Big ups Lil Wayne! You deserve it!

So yes, this year's BET Awards was probably the best ever and you can catch the reruns if you missed it.... Holla!!!

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

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P.S.S. All pics courtesy of BET, Inc.

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