Friday, August 15, 2008

Make Your Own Beats: Acres of Diamonds Right Under Your Nose

Man, I put together a heater a couple of days ago and I started thinking about my life. One of my co-workers at my day job who encourages me on different ideas that pop in my mind got me to thinkin' bout getting back into music the way I used to be back in the day.

I've tried to do so many other things and I have been marginally successful. I've had enough jobs to last a lifetime. I've even held a real estate license at one time. But the thing that I am most consistent at is the music business. I've been involved with this business in one way or another since 1988 but I always comeback to music.

One story that always guides me the "Acres of Diamonds" story. It's about an African farmer who owned a lot of property. He was facinated about stories of people finding diamonds in far off lands so he sold his property for little of nothing and went searching for untold riches. He searched and searched and finally he died without every finding 1 diamond.

Meanwhile the farmer who bought the property was walking along the farm one day and while he was on the riverbank of his land noticed a shiny stone. Being unfamiliar with the stone he took it his friend who was a rock expert. His friend told him it was a diamond asked him where he found this stone and he replied "my whole farm is full of them".

The moral of the story is don't be so quick to run off looking for wealth some other place. It is usually right up under your nose. Use what you have to get what you want. And like I said before, in my situation, I always keep coming back to music, no matter what!

Here is the beat that I made and it is for sale. It's been tagged so no one can steal it but I'll gladly take the tag line off for the right buyer. I'm open to all offers.

Click on the link below and it will open up your media player and begin to play:

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

P.S. If you haven't already done so and you think that making your own beats is your "Acres of Diamond" click here to check out Music Producer Pro.

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