Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing For Music Producers

I had a conversation with DJ Pocket from Serious Knock Entertainment ( the other day about a new artist he's releasing on his label, DJ Razor Ramon.

Our conversation was about how to marketing Razor Ramon to get better exposure & sales. I shot some ideas to Pocket about what he could do because I know he wants his project to be successful. Who doesn't?

We covered everything from flyers to email blast in a short period of time. It was like a crash course in guerrilla marketing in 7 minutes.

One thing I covered with him was how the copy (which is the wording in the advertising) actually sells the product not just the image. The image should enhance what the copy is saying to the reader.

Some people think that they can just put a nice "Photoshopped" picture on a piece of paper, billboard, website, or whatever and think their product is gonna sell like hotcakes.

I got news for you my friends. It ain't gonna happen!

Contrary to popular belief, people do read and its the words on the advertising that do the selling.

The example I gave him is using a flyer with text only on bright card stock paper. Previously, I told you about how I promoted "Da Unfold". I used really bright yellow card stock paper for our flyers with black text ONLY on the front and back and our logo. I put them all over Atlanta everywhere my target market hung out and out of town as well.

They were cheap to produce and we reached alot of people that way. When you don't have a big budget like a major label you have to figure out ways to make an impact.

Remember the music business is still competition and you have to make noise to get noticed.

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist


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