Thursday, October 30, 2008

How To Get Your Video Played On BET

Here is the video for Gotcha that we did a few years ago. The story of how we got it featured on BET is pretty cool.

We had a friend at a local magazine called Creative Loafing who had done a full spread feature article on Prophetix. That friend, "Hutch" was also an instructor at Georgia State University in media arts.

He provided the facility and storyboard and we provided the camera. The rest is history!

Once Hutch finished editing the video, we begin to send out press kits to different video outlets. BET was on that list.

It took about a month of mailing out these kits but one day we got a return phone call back from a BET representative.

They informed us they wanted to air the video on a show called "The Next". We had a party just to watch it!

Imagine seeing yourself not only on the TV but on BET!!!

Now believe it can happen to you because it happened to me.

Was it luck? Nope. It was down to earth, street smart marketing. See even if BET never played the video, it was still getting plenty of airplay in other markets.

Once again its a numbers game.

But you've got to play the game to win it. It takes hard work, determination, and vision but if you follow the steps it takes to be successful you will be successful.

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist


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