Monday, March 29, 2010

Drake's Album Release Date Is...

This has gotta be one of the most anticipated Hiphop albums in a long time. Drake's release date for "Thank Me Later" has been set for May 25th and I'm sure he's gonna do some pretty big numbers based on his previous success with his blockbuster mixtape and guest appearances.

Honestly, I hope it does well for him because of his mixtape success. I saw a comment on a blog somewhere that said since Drake's family has money then he's not real Hiphop. Huh?????

That's BULLSHIT!!!!

I can smell hatred thousands of miles away and this was a classic example. Drake is 100% Hiphop and how he put out a mixtape and a single blew up off of it is unheard off.

I don't know what that hater's definition of Hiphop is but it sure ain't the same as mine. Mine is taking something that already exists and using it for a totally different purpose than originally intended.

For example, turntables were created to play vinyl records and that was their sole purpose. The pioneers of Hiphop created cutting and scratching from these record players and changed the use of the turntable forever. It became an instrument for making music not just listening to it.

I see Drake's success the same way.

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Let's Make It Happen!!!

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