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How I earn money with my music web site

If you've been following my blog or have been on my email list for a while, you know I've been building The Rap Beat Creator website since 2007. I've had some ups and downs but I still make money everyday. I'm not saying I earn millions or even thousands of dollars but I know I'm on the way. What I have learned, through lots of trial and error, is that there is a better, simpler way.

I've been online since 1995. I started with a simple America Online dial-up account. All I knew how to do was send email and surf the web. I knew the web would be big and I knew that someone was making money but I didn't know how.

I read about affiliate programs back in 2001-2002 but I wasn't focused at making it work. I even had the free Affiliate Masters course that Internet marketing guru Ken Evoy offered but I wasn't ready for the work commitment it called for.

By the end of 2002, my group Prophetix, had a professionally built website and the webmaster added a blog to our homepage ( This was great because I could connect with our fans and back in 2002, almost no one had a music blog at that time.

But I still wanted my own personal music related website where I could become financially independent.

In early 2007, I bought a course on Internet marketing from one of the leading Internet gurus Derek Gehl and I got lots of valuable information from that course. The thing I didn't like was designing the website myself. I could have paid someone else to do it but I didn't have the money to pay anybody. I took too long for me to built and I'm more of a marketer than a designer. I made a few sales but I really didn't have a good blueprint to make money consistently.

But I still kept on going with the website and I ended up learning more about affiliate marketing. I revamped my whole business model and web site to recommend affiliate products. I bought another course from affiliate marketing guru, Rosalind Gardner, and I learned a little bit more and...

...I made a few more sales.

Then one day while I was reading Rosalind Gardner’s book, I saw a reference to the Affiliate Masters course that I talked about earlier by Ken Evoy. I decided to read it again...this time all the way through. Finally, I realized I had found it. This was the blueprint I needed! And the best part about it...

It was still absolutely FREE!

All these years had passed and I had a great step-by-step roadmap at the palm of my hands that could have made me financially independent long time ago.

No use crying over spilled milk now, right?

I had previously read another on of Ken's free e-books called "Make Your Content PREsell". I knew he had been around the Net for a while and he had some good quality material.

I began to change up my site using his materials and I began noticing my revenue going up! What really got me hooked on using some of his strategies were some of the case studies that he offered on his site.

He calls his customers, his "fans" and here's why:

Honest to God, no kidding, one of his "fans" created a web site about the healthy benefits of juicing. Yep you heard it right. Juicing. Literally squeezing juice out of oranges, apples, and other kinds of fruits to drink. Its healthy and its what she likes to do. And she's making enough money online to quit her full-time job, but she likes her job so she doesn't want to quit.

But that's her choice. She has achieved financial freedom.

Another man built a site with his sister about organizing kids birthday parties and within the first 2 months, he was making over $2,000 a month. By the next year he was financially independent. I'm serious as a heart attack. Check out the case studies for yourself.

Checking out these case studies made me rethink my strategies and revamp my site even more. I had set a goal this month to increase my revenues by 20% and using Ken's strategies I did it!

How cool is that?

If I had to start over again, I would have used Ken's flagship product, Site Build It (or SBI! for short) to build my business. When you are building an online business from the ground up, there are so many things you have to learn, its ridiculous.

You have to learn about web hosting, securing a domain name submitting your web site to search engines, etc. SBI! does all this for you and if you follow the steps and stay focused I believe you can duplicate the results of his best students.

Starting a business is risky and many businesses fail within the first 5 years. SBI! teaches you how to build and operate a business and how to minimize the risk for success.

Even if you don't purchase SBI!, he still teaches you how to build a successful affiliate business and he gives you his flag ship products to sell. This dude is serious. I signed up as an affiliate again this time because I saw how SBI! was changing lives and its growing my business already.

Another young lady I follow named Lisa Irby is a successful SBI student as well. What's crazy is I discovered her on YouTube. She was doing a video on Internet Marketing and I began to check out her site. She admitted to being financially independent since 2006. She even made a video about how much money she had made from Google Adsense in July 2009. She made almost $6 grand ($6,000.00 USD) and called it her best month ever from Google.

I knew the game was REALLY serious after I saw that video.

So for anybody who's ever asked me how I earn money with my web site. This is the way. I just follow the steps of the people who did it before me. But if I could do it all over again, I would have stuck with the free Affiliate Masters course Ken Evoy offers and followed it step-by-step.

If you want to learn how to build an online business and become financially independent doing something you love, I highly recommend learning from Ken Evoy and SBI!. Start with his free stuff and learn all you can from him. Its like having a license to print money.

Let's Make It Happen!!!

Mello Melanin, The Hot Instrumentalist

Site Build It!


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