Sunday, August 16, 2009

Music Downloads: Can Your Fans Find Your Music?

The music business is constantly changing because of the Internet. Let's face it: the World Wide Web isn't going anywhere and more and more people are using it everyday. Music downloads are revolutionizing the music business. An artist who is not taking advantage of the Internet and posting their music on the web for downloading is not going to be ahead of the game.

There are plenty of sites where you can post your music downloads. is one of the biggest social networking sites that specialize in music downloads. Its catered to artists of all genres so if you don't have a MySpace artist page then you're missing out on some really good exposure.

In fact, record labels are looking to MySpace and other social networking sites to sign new artist. For example, 2 big music success stories include Tila Tequilla & Soldier Boy Tell 'Em. Tila Tequilla even had her own reality show. Soldier Boy Tell 'Em was picked up by Atlanta music producer Mr. Colli Park who had previous signed platinum selling acts the Yin Yang Twins. He's had several Billboard #1 hits since he got signed a few years ago. You could be next but if you don't have web exposure, its a good chance you might not get a label nod.

In addition to getting a label to sign your act, you may also build your own fan base online. MySpace keeps track of your music downloads, how many times your music has been played, and how many times your individual page has been viewed.

MySpace isn't the only site that offers music downloads. There are other sites like IMEEM and Soundclick.

Even though you post your music downloads on other sites, you should strive to get your own web domain name and web site. Having your own site willl offer you more flexibility as your market your music online.

Music downloads are the present and future of the music business. It's still good to make demo tapes and press kits because you can put something physical in your prospect's hands. Making your music available online gives you another option for marketing your act.

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