Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7 - Celebrating Hip Hop History Month 2013: Gimmie a Beat!

Whassup Peeps?

Last night I was trying to figure out who could I showcase for the element of Beat Boxin. According to The Gospel of Hip Hop. Beat Boxin is the study and application of body music and body language. There are many people in Hip Hop History who have performed and mastered the element of Beat Boxin. 

Today to celebrate Hip Hop History Month I like to recognize someone I consider a master and to this day is still performing the element of Beat Boxin, D.R.E.S. Tha Beatnik. 

D.R.E.S. is a Human Beat Box and has hosted countless shows in Atlanta, GA and all over the country and beyond. He is a great example of someone who is living the Hip Hop lifestyle. He could easily fall under some of the other Hip Hop elements including Emceein, Street Fashion, Street Language, Street Knowledge, and Street Entrepreneurialism, 

Check out D.R.E.S. Tha Beatnik rockin' on stage live with The Roots. Enjoy!

If you're interested in learning more about The Gospel of Hip Hop, The Temple of Hip Hop, and Hip Hop's elements, check out the link below at


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Mello Melanin
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