Sunday, November 17, 2013

Street Fashion: Worlds of Curls ad (1984) - Day 17: Hip Hop History Month

Whassup Peeps? 

 I'm posting this one from my cell phone just so I can stay consistent in the celebration of Hip Hop History Month. I just wanted to touch on Street Fashion just a bit and how it has influenced the globe. I was watching a video of some London rock artists today over in Ghana and even there the effects of Hip Hop Street Fashion were present. 

I also found this video yesterday while surfing the web. This video was made in 1984 and you can definitely see thru Hip Hop influence in the clothes, the dancing, the language, and the music. Also as a little trivia, can you guess who the female dancer is in this video? I'll give you a hint. She was on Law & Order and one of the head people in charge. 

 Check it out, get a good laugh and let me know what you think.


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